immuni-tea uses the powers of peppermint, other flowers & herbs to open your nasal passages and lungs. this blend helps you get rid of mucus while boosting your immune system so you can stay healthy & fight off illness.


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echineacea | mullein | blessed thistle | elderberry | peppermint


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1 review for immuni-tea

  1. Alyza Gonzalez (verified owner)

    So I place an order for this about a week before I contracted COVID, and let me tell you, I drank this tea every morning and night for a week and it soothed my throat so much. The mintyness of the tea helped me breathe through my nose better. I have since been in recovery, and I’m not claiming that this tea has cured me, but it definitely helped me through the process of healing. I love this tea! It’s so calming <3

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This is the BEST smelling (and most moisturizing) boy butter I’ve ever had! The butters are blended perfectly and best of all, it’s all natural! If you love shea butter as much as I do, you have to get one for yourself. You won’t regret it!!!!!